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flightless fish – cockroach – oh spruce tree!

flightless fish – cockroach – oh spruce tree!


A culinary ode to the spruce. Because with your old Christmas tree or the fresh buds that you find on the spruce in May/June you can make the most fantastic syrup. And with that, different delicious drinks and desserts.

With recipes for:
Spruce syrup, Spar lemonade, Fir Royale cocktail, Treehugger mocktail, Italian fir meringue & Spar cough syrup

Author: Maidie van den Bos
Illustrations: Maartje van den Noort

Theme: just like that | upcycle your Christmas tree

Cockroaches are mailable booklets, devised and produced by Loopvis publishers. Twenty pages full of beautiful text and illustrations by established and upcoming talent. Each booklet is sustainably printed in the Netherlands, bound with a cahier stitch and comes with a matching envelope.

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